Virtual Bingo

Our Virtual Bingo takes place every Tuesday night starting at 8pm SHARP. If you wish to play then you need to do the following:

Text/WhatsApp 087 2585897 or email with your name, email address and how many books you wish to purchase.

Cost is €8 per book – Please Revolut payment to 087 2342806  in order to confirm your entry (Simply add this number to your contacts and Revolut as normal). Put your name on the Transfer for clarity. If you don’t have Revolut then you can use the payment form below which allows you to make payment using a Debit or Credit Card. Simply choose the number of books you wish to purchase and checkout as normal

Once payment is completed a coded bingo book in PDF format will be emailed to you before the night. You will need to print out this PDF in order to play, and you can continue to use this booking going forward. Just print out a fresh copy for each night you play.

You will be added to a WhatsApp group where all the bingo numbers called will be displayed on the night. You will also receive a Youtube link that will allow you to view a live stream of the Bingo on the night also.

If you check then you need to put the word ‘Check’ and the number you check on into the WhatsApp group. You take a picture of your card and upload it where it will be verified against the numbers drawn and the original bingo card we have in your name.

Winners will be paid via Revolut within 24 hours

If you have any questions or difficulty understanding the above please call 087 2585897 and we will make every effort to assist you.



Virtual Bingo - 1 Book €8

Virtual Bingo - 2 Books €16

Virtual Bingo - 3 Books €24

Virtual Bingo - 4 Books €32

Virtual Bingo - 5 Books €40

Virtual Bingo - 1 Book for 3 Weeks* €20

Virtual Bingo - 2 Books for 3 Weeks €40

Virtual Bingo - 3 Books for 3 Weeks €60

Virtual Bingo - 4 Books for 3 Weeks €80

Virtual Bingo - 5 Books for 5 Weeks €100

Please Note: Special Offer secures purchaser their books for 3 consecutive weeks (Weeks 5, Weeks 6 &  Weeks 7).