The Groups for the Autumn Box Leagues are below.


Matches must be organised between players.

All Matches to be completed by 19th November

1 Point is awarded per game won (i.e if Player A beats Player B 3-1, Player A gets 3 Points and Player B gets 1 Point)

Each Player writes their own points tally onto the Score Sheet on Notice Board

Matches are best of 5 Games (i.e first to 3), Games are first to 11, with Point a Rally scoring in operation

Finals Night will be 26th of November, top Two Players in each Box go straight to Final

Group A
Shane Barron
Brendan O Leary
Declan Ruth
Mick O’Leary
Paul Barron

Group B
Sean O’Neill
Cormac Morrissey
Lory Higgins
Micheal O’Neill

Group C
Aidan Redmond
Jack Redmond
James Tobin
Micheal R Martin

Group D
Joe Doyle
Aoife O’Connor
John Haughney
John McCarthy

Group E
Alan Coleman
Niamh Murphy
Paddy Kehoe
Teddy O Connor

Group F
Owen lennon
Ciarán O’Connor
Grace Hearn Cowman
Len McCarthy
Olivia Hearn

Group G
Damian Quigley
Eamon Wickham
John Michael Hennessy
Syl Barron

Group H
Harry Codd
Luke Codd
Donal Wickham
Mikey Codd
Paul Byrne
Stephen Reilly

Group I
Anthony Fitzpatrick
David Guiney
John Barron
Shane Furlong

Group J
Mary sinnott
Avril Quigley
Mairead Gahan
Noelle Barron

Group K
Annmarie greene
Agnieszka Jedrychowska
Ciara Lawler
Pam kehoe
Sandra Redmond
Siobhan Browne